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An unforgettable night of girlfriend therapy—It’s like The Smothers Brothers Meets Oprah!


Looking for an interesting programming option for your female patrons this season? From their Grammy-nominated song “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye” to their hilarious “OBG Whyme Blues” and their for-women-of-a-certain-age parody: "each morning I wake up, before I put on my makeup, I tweeze a little hair or two,” these Nashville hit songwriters are truly nitroglycerin for the female population! 

STOWE Dailey & Karen Taylor GOOD.

Together, they are StoweGood!


The Smothers Brothers meet Oprah

These two award-winning singer/songwriters enhance their keynote presentations, concerts, and workshops with a unique speaking style and powerful songs, which never fail to inspire, motivate and uplift their audiences. 
STOWE Dailey & Karen Taylor GOOD.
Together, they are StoweGood!

StoweGood—an internationally acclaimed touring duo out of Nashville TN—features Grammy-nominated Karen Taylor Good and hit songwriter Stowe Dailey. Creating personal transformation through music, these best-selling authors and speakers energize their audiences with powerful keynotes, concerts and workshops. 


Stowe Dailey is a singer-songwriter, best-selling author and recent cancer survivor. She co-wrote the hit song, Long Time Comin’ for the group Shenandoah. She has co-authored five books, including Flying High, which was featured at the “I Can Do It!” conference in Toronto.


Karen Taylor Good is the Grammy-nominated songwriter of "How Can I Help You Say Goodbye" and other radio hits by Patty Loveless, Al Jarreau, & Melissa Manchester. She has recorded albums and movie soundtracks with Willie Nelson, Al Green and Dolly Parton.


These presenters of a TEDx talk have shared their musical keynotes, workshops and concerts across the US, Canada, Ireland & the UK.

Stowe Dailey & Karen Taylor Good. Together, they are StoweGood!



Concert & Weight-Loss!

I cried a bucket of tears and laughed my ass off, for a net loss of at least 5 pounds!”


Grace & Compassion

“Talk about inspirational speakers! Your sophisticated and soul-energizing presentations are filled with grace, compassion and humor. You resonate with the heart and soul of your audience.”


Uplifting & Inspiring

“Uplifting, inspiring, funny and emotional. Sometimes in business we neglect the human aspect—You helped us to connect with one another and ourselves.”


It Was An Experience

"StoweGood’s recent appearance was such a giant blessing to all who attended. It was more than a musical “concert”—it was an EXPERIENCE”


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